Continue new SKB EP laser transducer testing

Specificity of the new transducer is in its application to particular objects (vacuum circuit breakers) and in the implementation of a specific type of measurement (speed parameters), which will expand the field of application of PKV group devices.

This transducer will not replace the standard linear movement transducer DP12 and angular movement transducer DP21, which come with the devices, but will complement them.

The purpose of creating this sensor is based on the fact that now, when diagnosing vacuum circuit breakers, such as BB/TEL, it is possible to measure the parameters of time, as well as, using special rulers, to measure travel parameters. However, in order to assess the full technical condition of the equipment, a complete monitoring of all parameters, including speed, is required, which will be possible to measure due to SKB EP new development.

The laser transducer testings already show positive results, all planned activities are successful, and most of them have already been completed. The shortcomings that were identified during the first tests have been corrected, and SKB EP specialists keep implementing the improvements.

If you have a demand in the development of accessories or test cables taking into account the specifics of the particular equipment, you may send a request via e-mail: or via phone +7 (812) 500-25-48.

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