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Price and availability

Where can I find current prices?

To get the current prices for instruments and accessories you should contact the responsible manager or send the request to our official email address which you can find in CONTACTS page.

How do I know if the instrument is in stock?

Please ask our export sales managers for this information at HOW TO BUY page.

How can I pay the order?

First of all, you shall receive the invoice from our export sales manager, then we will conclude the Sales Agreement. After that you can pay the invoice.

You can make a payment via bank transfer or use a bank guarantee. Bank transfers typically arrive within 1-3 business days, depending on your bank conditions.

Terms of order and delivery

What is the delivery lead time?

If the device is in stock, the shipment takes about 2-3 weeks after 100% payment (device is ready for shipment in 1-2 days after 100% payment).

Please, check the availability of the devices via email or phone at CONTACTS page.

What is the delivery cost?

The delivery cost is not included in the instrument (complete set) price, it is calculated individually.

Transportation services of any transport company will be invoiced. Or you may pick up the instrument with the transport company you choose.

How many representative offices do you have?

There are two offices in Russia - in Saint Petersburg and in Irkutsk. It allows to be online for 16h per day. Moreover, all necessary information on our product or any technical information you can get from our authorized distributors.

Purchase of accessories and additional equipment

Where can I find current prices?

To get the current prices for instruments and accessories, as well as availability, you should send the request to the export sales manager email address in HOW TO BUY page, or you may fill the form which you can find in CONTACTS page.

Can I purchase only transducers for PKV and PKR deviсes?

Transducers (DP12, DP21 and DP22) for PKV and PKR instruments can be purchased only if you have an instrument from these lines, and the original transducer is malfunctioning. In this case, you have to confirm your ownership and send a request via form at CONTACTS page or contact our export sales managers.

Is laptop included in PKV/U3 or PKV/M7 price?

Laptop is not included in the instrument price. You can order it through our managers or purchase it yourself.

System requirements to ensure the normal operation:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8;
  • Processor: Intel Core i3, i5;
  • Memory: 2-4 GB RAM;
  • Storage: 300 Mb and more;
  • Ethernet adapter

A charger for MIKO-2.3 broke. How can I buy a new one?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to purchase a new charger. You should send the instrument complete set with the broken charger to our service facility. Beforehand, you should contact our export sales managers and fill an application form down below.

A built-in battery from MIKO-1 broke. Can I change it myself?

Yes, you can change the battery yourself or purchase from the manufacturer. Please, send your request via the form down below or contact us via email which you can find at CONTACTS page.

General questions on service maintenance

How can I send an instrument to the service center?

If you faced any problems with your instrument, please contact our distributor in your country or our export sales managers. Please refer to the CONTACTS page.


How can I apply for an individual workshop and how much is it?

SKB EP offers various training programs such as individual and group workshops, webinars both free and for the additional cost. You can learn more at EVENTS page or send your request for INDIVIDUAL EVENTS. To get more information, please, contact our authorized distributor in your country or export sales manager at CONTACTS page.

Technical documentation

Where can I download the User Manual for the instrument?

Please contact our export sales managers or fill the form on the CONTACTS page.

How can I get the User Manual in hard copy?

All the documentation in hard copy is supplied with an instrument. If it has been lost you should send an email to (see page CONTACTS) with your personal data (company, your full name, your position, contacts), production year and intsrument's serial number. After that you will get an invoice for purchasing the document.

General questions on work with the software

System requirements for laptop to work with PKV/U3

System requirements to ensure the normal operation of PC with PKV: 

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8;
  • Processor: Intel Core i3, i5;
  • Memory: 2-4 GB RAM;
  • Storage: 300 Mb and more;
  • Ethernet adapter

Universal PKV software doesn’t work at Windows 8

That may happens if you connect the device with an USB cable. You should use LAN cable which is provided with devices PKV/M7 and PKV/U3.

Can’t connect a laptop to PKV device

Set the Network Settings as in software manual (Сhapter 4. Putting the program into operation). If it hasn’t solved your problem please contact us via email or fill the form on the CONTACTS page with a description of your problem.

Questions on performing measurements

Can I do the measurements with the standard complete set of MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A), MIKO-9A?

No, you can't. For your convenience, we have excluded all the test cables from the standard complete set. So you can independently select the most suitable cables to test your particular equipment.

PKV generated graph is not completed. What is the reason?

It’s possible if there’s not enough time has been set for measurement. During the second measurement you should add more time in the settings.

Why do I need сurrent clamps?

PKV/M7 and PKV/U3 devices are equipped with сurrent clamps (on order). They’re used for measuring both alternating and direct current. Measuring the current using current clamps allows you to avoid breaking the electrical circuit, which has the following advantages:

  • shortens the measurement time;
  • you can use it without additional protection for the device during the measurement process in high voltage circuits;
  • allows to measure the solenoid currents without the risk of damaging the measuring device due to the EMF of self-induction that occurs at the moment of opening the electrical circuit;
  • guarantees the continuity of the electrical circuit, which can be damaged due to human factor while connecting/disconnecting the measuring shunt;
  • guarantees the identity of the parameters of the measured circuit both during measurements and during operation, which is associated with different tightening forces of bolted connections and different contacting surfaces in circuits that both contain and don’t contain a measuring shunt.

PKV/M7 (PKV/U3) doesn’t close the high-voltage circuit breaker. What is the reason?

This may happen if the short duration of the "Close" pulse is set. The default parameter is 20 m/s. Increase it according to the characteristics of the measured switching equipment.

What should I do if I need to measure high-voltage circuit breaker travel manually?

It is often required to check the circuit breakers by closing them not from the drive, but, for example, using a jack. For this purpose, the "Linear/Angular" measurement mode is provided in the PKV instruments. The instrument shows at real time the value of the circuit breaker travel (or the angle of rotation of the shaft) and the state of the contacts (closed/open).

How to measure the speed and the travel of SF6 circuit breakers?

The measurement of speed characteristics at SF6 circuit breakers is done with the linear movement transducer, and by using a special device from the circuit breaker SPTA package. The DP12 linear movement transducer from the PKV complete set is installed on live tank circuit breaker instead of a standard device for measuring the time of movement of movable contacts.

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