Results of Workshop in Khabarovsk under the Program "Teaching the Operating Principles of SKB EP Instruments"

In October 2013, at the invitation of the Administration of MES "Vostok" (Eastern Main Power Transmission Lines) in Khabarovsk held a workshop under the program "Teaching the Operating Principles of SKB EP Instruments". The workshop program has been structured in such a way as to include all major aspects of work with instruments on high-voltage circuit breakers, but pay special attention to demonstration of methods for defects detection in the mechanisms of high-voltage circuit breakers and study the features of measurements on oil, vacuum, gas-insulated circuit breakers.

Currently, MES "Vostok" operates PKV/М7 and PKV/U3.0 instruments for control of high-voltage circuit breakers.

During diagnostics with PKV/U3.0 instrument, the measurement results are displayed on the computer display. Therefore, SKB EP specialist has drawn attention to the particular setting of the interaction between the notebook and PKV/U3.0 instrument, and workshop participants have noted the convenience of such operating method (storage and analysis of high-voltage circuit-breaker characteristics).

Within the framework of the course, the departure to substation 220 kW in Khekhtsir, where the measurements on C-35 oil circuit breakers have been taken.

At the end of the measurements, key nuances that arise when working with instruments on circuit breakers, have been discussed and the graphs analyzed.

  • At the end of the conversation, a question has arisen among the workshop participants: "Why is a high current necessary for the measurements?
  • Answer of SKB EP specialist: "When measuring the transition resistance of clean and non-oxidized contacts, there is no need in high current, because their resistance remains constant at any current. But in the course of operation the circuit breakers inevitably oxidize, and the resistance of the films formed is dependent on the current strength. This dependence is inversely proportional: the higher the current, the lower the resistance of the film. So to prevent the detection of the false defect and additional costs for unnecessary repairs, the measurement should be carried out with a high current close to the working current of the circuit breaker. This is especially necessary for MKP, U, S and other types of the circuit breakers with contacts that are not scraping off themselves".

New innovative MIKO-7 and MIKO-8 instruments produced by SKB EP have been also shown to the workshop participants. The management of MES Vostok has noted an important feature: "The measurement with the help of MIKO-7 and MIKO-8 instruments is very economical in terms of time budget, compared with instruments that are currently available". This has raised particular interest in the new developments of SKB EP, and the usability of MIKO-8 has been particularly noted, primarily, because of the in-place diagnostics of instruments for control of transformer OLTCs.

If you or your company wants to practically study the instrument in practice and detail, please, contact us and we will help to meet your challenges. You can always leave a request for the workshop "Control of High-Voltage Switching Devices and Transformers with SKB EP Instruments" and out specialists will contact you.

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