Compact micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10


  • Safety Test Certificate IEC 61010-1:2001
  • Conformity certificate with safety requirements EC/EU
  • Russian State Register Certificates
  • Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union
  • Russian Register of Innovative Products
  • PJSC ROSSETI Register of Innovative Solutions

Wide functionality and high accuracy of the measurements ±0.2%


Test current up to 10 A


3 modes of resistance measurement


Thermal EMF balancing and other additional functions


Up to 1,000 measurements at maximum current


Built-in battery, portability and reliability


Free hands during the measurements (3 ways to fasten the instrument)


Test cables of ergonomic design


Operation at any weather conditions


Compact wrist-wearable micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10 is designed for instant DC resistance measurements within the range 1 μΩ - 0.1 Ω.

MIKO-10 enables measurements at following objects:

  • High-voltage or auto circuit breakers;
  • Releasing, connecting or disconnecting switches, contactors and relays;
  • Bolted, welded and brazed joints of current leads and busbars;
  • Rail connections and wagon wheel pairs;
  • Electric motors, generators, compensators, and other objects. 

MIKO-10 is ahead of similar instruments represented in the market due to a number of functional and technical features.

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MIKO-10 is applied in electric networks, power plants or substations, traction substations of electrified transport, as well as in industrial enterprises where 10 A test current is sufficient for measurements.

In turn, test current in similar instruments does not exceed 2 A, so that MIKO-10 (with test current up to 10 A and the weight of 0.5 kg) achieves leading positions among micro-ohmmeters of this class.

In case of obvious oxide film on the contacts more powerful micro-ohmmeters are recommended, such as MIKO-21 (test current up to 200 A) or MIKO-2.3 (test current up to 1000 A), as measurements using low currents in such instances can show higher values of resistance and, as a result, the contacts may be unjustifiably rejected.

Different measurement modes are implemented in the instrument:

AUTO: is intended for contact resistance measurement of HV circuit breakers w/o CT and any demountable or non-demountable connections with test current 10 A. The measurement starts automatically by the circuit closing;

SINGLE: is intended for contact resistance measurement of HV circuit breakers w/o CT and any demountable or non-demountable connections with test current 1 A or 10 A. The measurement starts by the User command;

BUILT-IN CT: is intended for contact resistance measurement of HV circuit breakers with CT with test current 10 A. The measurement starts by the User command.

MIKO-10 is a modern compact micro-ohmmeter that meets the latest user requirements.

The instrument has a number of important functions:

  • Auto thermal EMF balancing in the test circuit;
  • Auto power off, if the instrument is not used;
  • Circuit continuity test;
  • Auto measurement start against the test circuit continuity confirmation;
  • Sound alarm at the start and at the end of the measurement.

One battery charge is enough for at least 1,000 measurements at maximum current.

The instrument has an energy independent memory of up to 100 recordings that is sufficient for overall and complex test of the substation.

USB connection to the PC facilitates classification and storage of the measurement results and generation of the reports.

Special software developed by the manufacturer is used for data transfer from the instrument to the computer and for measurement results archiving.

The built-in battery of MIKO-10 makes the operation process fully self-contained. One battery charge is enough for more than 1,000 measurements at maximum current. Energy independent memory up to 100 recordings ensures a complex test of a substation.

MIKO-10 can justly be referred to portable instruments due to its light weight of 0.5 kg and small dimensions 165 × 100 × 60 mm.

The above peculiarities ensure complete autonomy of the instrument over the vast territory of substation or facility.

MIKO-10 is enclosed in an ergonomic case that can be placed on the arm and secured with fastening straps, with both hands free to simplify the measurement process.

Also, the instrument can be easily removed from the arm and fixed to a belt or your neck, or placed on any flat surface.

There are specially designed cables of different length and with different lugs for reliable connection to the measurement object.

Additional items to be purchased:

  • Kelvin double hand spike test cables. For instance, these cables can be used to test the resistance of busbars and terminal buses;
  • Kelvin clamp test cables;
  • Kelvin type test cable with probes and crocodile clips
  • Protective case;
  • Universal belts;
  • Wearproof tool bag.

High accuracy of results is ensured even for diagnostic in heavy weather conditions. MIKO-10 operation is guaranteed at a temperature range from -20°С to +55°С.

Specifications Value
Resistance measurement range, µΩ 1 - 100,000
Test current, A 1 and 10
Accuracy, % ±0.2
The number of measurements at maximum amperage and fully charged battery 1,000
Time of battery charging, hrs, not more than 3
Time of operating mode setting, sec., not more than 2
Time of one measurement 2 sec. - without CT
from 2 to 30 sec. - with CT
PC interface USB
Operating temperature range, ºС -20 - +55
IP rating in operating state IP54
Weight of the test block, kg, not more than 0.5
Dimensions, mm 165 × 100 × 60
Interface and user manual language English
Calibration period, year 2
Warranty period, year 2
Testing period, year 2

Standard complete set

Photo Item, Index Application
Main instrument MIKO-10
  • Main instrument MIKO-10
  • Main instrument MIKO-10

Instrument and additional documents: Calibration Certificate, User Manual, Log Book.

Fastening straps
  • Fastening straps
  • Fastening straps

Straps to fasten the instrument on the arm.

Test cable
  • Test cable
  • Test cable

10 A Kelvin clamp test cable 2 x 1.7 m (jaw up to 50 mm).

Mains battery charger
  • Mains battery charger
  • Mains battery charger

Power source MT-IES8-120100-1P (МТ-ИЭС8-120100-1П) (12 V, 1 А) - with 5.5-2.1 mm connector, MELT, to charge the built-in battery.

USB 2.0 A-B Cable
  • USB 2.0 A-B Cable
  • USB 2.0 A-B Cable

USB cable 1 x 1.8 m. For computer connection and data transfer.

  • Shunt
  • Shunt

Type: 75ShSM M3 (75ШСМ М3). For testing MIKO-10 operability.

Additional accessories (on order)

Photo Item, Index Application
Test cable
  • Test cable
  • Test cable

10 A Kelvin clamp test cable 2 x 4.8 m (jaw up to 50 mm).

Test cable
  • Test cable
  • Test cable

10 A Kelvin double hand spike test cable 2 x 1.8 m.

Test cable
  • Test cable
  • Test cable

10 A Kelvin test cable 2 x 1.7 m with two probes and four crocodile clips (jaw up to 25 mm). Separate current and potential wires terminated with "banana" plugs.

Test cable
  • Test cable
  • Test cable

10 A Kelvin clamp test cable with two extended smooth rectangular tips 2 x 1.8 m (jaw up to 6 mm).

Manipulating rod
  • Manipulating rod
  • Manipulating rod

Manipulating rod is designed for test cables connection from the ground or from the tank cover to the bushings of high-voltage circuit breakers, and to the structural elements of high-voltage disconnecting switches and earthing devices, without the use of ladders or elevated platforms.
The rod is completed with Kelvin clamps with current and potential contacts connected by the measurement pad. Test cables are connected to the pad from the ground or a tank cover.

Protective case OKW7115108
  • Protective case OKW7115108
  • Protective case OKW7115108

To protect the instrument against shock loads.

Universal belt
  • Universal belt
  • Universal belt

For easy instrument fixation to a belt or your neck.

Tool bag
  • Tool bag
  • Tool bag

Convenient, robust, wear proof bag for transportation of cables, documentation and other accessories to MIKO-10.
Weight 0.52 kg.

  • Open Original


    At present the accredited testing laboratory ArmEnergoTest of NIELAND, LLC uses MIKO-10 that is manufactured by "SKB EP", LLC. This instrument has been in operation since 2021. The instrument is used for checking the contact resistance of linear hardware for VL-0.4-6-10 kV. The instrument has proved to be a great one: MIKO-10 is functional and simple, it has a convenient interface and compact size. The main advantage of this instrument is the ability to work from an accumulator battery, which charge is enough to carry out at least 1,000 measurements. There were no malfunctions of MIKO-10 detected during the year of its operation.

    We express gratitude to SKB EP, LLC for the manufacture of high-quality and reliable products. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

    Director General

  • Open Original

    Yamalo-Nenets enterprise of the main power networks the branch of FGC UES, PJSC

    Yamalo-Nenets enterprise of the main power networks the branch of FGC UES, PJSC thanks your company SKB EP, LLC for the fruitful cooperation in the supply of measuring instruments for the diagnostic of high-voltage equipment. We also thank you for prompt, professional work and individual approach, as well as for the high quality of instruments and its components.

    Our company operates such instruments as MIKO (10 pcs.), and PKV (10 pcs.) manufactured by SKB EP, LLC.

    These instruments are used to determine repair quality of high-voltage circuit breakers and disconnecting switches. The contact resistance of the current-carrying circuit, the time and speed characteristics of HV circuit breakers are checked with a help of them.

    The instruments are very convenient, they give an opportunity to identify the worsened condition of contact connectors on HV circuit breakers and of disconnecting switches. They reduce the time for detecting a defect and prevent accidents and technological disturbances. The defects are periodically identified. That fact allows us to schedule a necessary repair work on time and maintain the equipment in a good working condition.

    We recommend these instruments for use in organizations, which operate high-voltage equipment.

    Thank you for your help in solving our production tasks and sincerely hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Acting Chief Engineer-Deputy Director

  • Open Original

    Vorkutinskiye thermal power plants, LLC

    The electrical laboratory of Vorkutinskaya TPP-2 Vorkutinskiye TPP, LLC T Plus, PJSC has in its instrumental and technical base the following devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC:

    • MIKO-1 micro-ohmmeter that is used since 2005;
    • MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter that is used since 2017;
    • PKV/M5N high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer that is used since 2006 with an angular movement transducer DP21 and a linear movement transducer DP12;
    • PKV/M7 high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer with a PUV-regulator device that are used since 2018, with an angular movement transducer DP21 and a linear movement transducer DP12.

    With the help of micro-ohmmeters, electrical laboratory personnel measures DC resistance of contact connections, and PKV/M5N and PKV/M7 devices are actively used to measure the speed and time parameters of circuit breakers of 6, 35 and 110 kV voltage classes.

    Micro-ohmmeters are convenient to use due to their autonomy and mobility. PKV/M5N device, despite its long service life, is relevant during the diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakers (due to the presence of linear and angular movement transducers in the complete set), but, due to moral aging and replacement with new analogues, the device cannot be supplemented with new components. The new PKV/M7 device is supplemented with all the necessary spare parts, is modern, mobile, accurate and, based on this, is more in demand by electrical laboratory specialists.

    As a result of the operation of devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC by the personnel of Vorkutinskaya TPP-2, we can say about the reliability and high-quality operation of the above-mentioned devices and express a desire to continue interaction with specialists of SKB EP, LLC on technical and commercial issues.

  • Open Original

    SKTB Granit, LLP

    Currently, in SKTB Granit LLP, we use MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter manufactured by SKB EP LLC in the amount of 1 piece since 2019.

    With the help of MIKO-10, we mainly check the quality of the resistance of the contact groups of protective and functional grounding on newly installed equipment in accordance with the requirements of GOST.

    Before MIKO-10 purchase, we have been using F-415 micro-ohmmeter. The weight of this product is about 7-8 kg, which was a great inconvenience in operation. It is much more convenient to work with compact micro-meter MIKO-10 that can be easily fixed on the arm.

    In our work, we mostly often use the "Single" measurement mode. We do not check the high-voltage equipment with this device.

    With the help of MIKO-10, it is difficult to meet the requirements of GOST 17441-84 "Contact connections. Acceptance rules and test methods", as well as to check the functional grounding of the installed equipment, on the body of which there are no connectors. That is difficult to be performed as MIKO-10 is supplied in the standard complete set only with test cables with a crocodile type clamps.

    But for such measurements, a test cable with double hand spikes together with a test cable with a crocodile clip is more suitable.

    Here is our offer: to complete the device’s standard complete set with two types of test cables. We think that the price of a test cable with double hand spikes will be small.

    [Manufacturer note]: Standard complete set of MIKO-10 includes a cable that is most often used on various types of objects. Unfortunately, cables with double hand spikes are not used so often, so they are included to the additional complete set of the device and are available on request. For more information about the entire list of components, see the Complete set section on MIKO-10 page.

    The economic effect of using MIKO-10 micro-ohmmeter was not calculated, but the percentage of detecting low-quality compounds increased significantly.

    The device is excellent. We recommend other organizations to use it.

  • Open Original

    Moskabel Plant, LLC

    Currently, in the process of conductive cores production at Moskabel Plant, LLC, MIKO-10 microohmmeter is used for post-operative control during the adjustment of the production of TPJ of 1-2 flexibility class according to GOST 22483-2012 to determine the resistance of TPJ. The compact size of the device allows it to be used in conditions of limited space, at the same time, the readings of the device differ in one area within a series of consecutive measurements.

    [Manufacturer note]: The results obtained with the help of MIKO-10 can vary within ±0.2%, this is the stated accuracy value of the instrument. For more information about the technical specifications, see the Specifications section on the MIKO-10 page.

    At the moment, the use of MIKO-10 enables reducing the filling length by 1-3 meters.

    As of now, we can recommend the use of MIKO-10 with great caution in the conditions of manufacturers of cable and wire products.

  • Open Original

    Urengoy branch of Gazprom Energo, LLC

    Since 2017 Electrotechnical laboratory of the Urengoy branch of Gazprom Energo, LLC has been operating MIKO-10 and MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeters and also MIKO-8M(A) milli-ohmmeter. These devices are used to measure the resistance of switching devices, power and measuring transformers, and electric motors.

    The advantages of the operated devices include small dimensions and weight, the presence of built-in power sources in MIKO-10 and MIKO-21 micro-ohmmeters, a simple and intuitive interface.

    [Manufacturer note]: MIKO-8M(A) milli-ohmmeter also has a built-in power supply. It can be supplied both without a battery: MIKO-8M version, and with it: MIKO-8MA version.

    During the operation, all devices have proven themselves on the good side, there are no malfunctions or failures. In comparison with the previous versions of measuring devices, MIKO-10, MIKO-21 and MIKO-8M(A) have become more efficient, which allows, in addition to the high accuracy of the measurements obtained, to reduce the work time due to the simpler assembly of the measurement circuit.

  • Open Original

    Kuban MEN the branch of FGC UES, PJSC

    I would like to inform you that in the branch of FGC UES, PJSC - Kuban CMEN uses MIKO-1, MIKO-2.3, MIKO-10, and MIKO-21 microohmmeters.

    During the operation, MIKO-group devices have proven themselves to be the best in terms of reliability, ease of use and accuracy of the results obtained on the state of the switching equipment (circuit breakers, disconnectors). The devices are also good at resistance measurement of pressed connections, resistance measurement of transformer windings. The devices are easy to transport (there is a special carrying bag), they are convenient to use due to the small size and built-in power supply.

    Among the disadvantages there is the lack of crocodile clips (or clamps) in the standard complete set for connecting to a large-section busbar (rigid busbar, hollow wires).

    [Manufacturer note]: Device complete set includes those cables that are most often used on various types of objects. Cables that help to measure resistance on large-section busbars are unfortunately used not as often, so they are included to the additional complete set of the devices and are available by request.

    Devices manufactured by SKB EP, LLC gave a good account of themselves and can be recommended to the companies performing adjustment or repair works, testings and measurements.

  • Open Original

    Electrovypryamitel, PJSC

    Small-sized wrist micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10 manufactured by SKB EP, LLC was purchased by the Testing Center in July 2019, in order to replace E6-18 milliohmmeter, that no longer meet the required accuracy characteristics or test conditions.

    MIKO-10 have been used during standard, periodic, certification tests of products manufactured by Elektrovypryamitel, PJSC, for:

    • the electrical resistance grounding measurement of current-carrying parts accessible to touch;
    • measurement of electrical resistance to direct current.

    During the operation the following positive aspects were revealed:

    • the device is compact, lightweight and has several ways of fixing and while operating hands remain free, that is necessary for measurements record;
    • the device is simple-to-operate, also it is possible to save the results to a computer;
    • the device is listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation;
    • good operation independence.

    There is one disadvantage revealed. During operation, the device switches off automatically. We have to turn it on with the power button, while the charge level is normal, and can’t cause device’s shutdown.

    [Manufacturer note]: The specialists of our Service Center considered your problem and prepared recommendations: charge the device within 3-4 hours, empty the archive, take 10-20 measurements with SINGLE mode and then take 10-20 measurements in AUTO mode. If you have additional questions about MIKO-10 operation, you can always contact us. We recommend you to send your MIKO-10 device to our Service Center.

    A.I. Kraynov
    Head of the Testing Centre of Elektrovypryamitel, PJSC

  • Open Original

    Shahtinskteploenergo LLP

    MIKO-10 instrument is used to measure contact resistance of the main circuit of VMP1-10, MKP-110, MKP-35 high-voltage circuit breakers, as well as disconnectors in order to identify defects and reduce the probability of switching devices failures caused by the contact resistance increase of contacts. The instrument functionality is very simple and easy to operate, it allows you to control the main characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers.

    The advantage of the instrument is also its mobility. The instrument copes with the tasks perfectly. We can recommend the instrument to all enterprises that operate, repair and conduct diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers.

    S.V. Krivov
    Deputy Director

  • Open Original

    Volgogradenergo, Rosseti South

    MIKO-10 is quite easy to use. It has a convenient menu and a built-in autonomous power supply unit.

    Good specifications, digital display of the instrument allow measurements to be carried out with high precision.

    The main advantages of PKV/M7 are: high build quality; high functionality for circuit breakers characteristics control; detection of defects without disassembly of circuit breakers; built-in control unit for electromagnets of a circuit breaker drive; convenient control panel and display; functionality to control many parameters in one test cycle.

    Acting First Deputy Director

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