Each instrument sent for repair is subject to primary diagnostics to determine the necessity for repair.

  • If necessary, faulty modules/transducers are changed in process of repair.
  • The measurement system and software of the instrument may be updated against an additional order.

All instruments undergo testing in the calibration laboratory, and a calibration certificate is issued after repair (see calibration conditions)

Repair terms and cost

Warranty repair* Non-warranty repair Urgent repair
Terms 10 working days 30 working days 5 working days
Cost free individual** individual** + 50%
Transport costs SKB EP Customer Customer
Notes the possibility of urgent repair is determined individually

* The service center of SKB EP is entitled to increase the work completion time up to 30 business days, if the failure to complete the works on time took place due to the reasons beyond control of the center. In this case, the representative of the SKB EP service center shall notify of the possibility to carry out the warranty repair on time before expiration of the warranty repair term.

** The cost of works is determined based on the primary diagnostics and/or detected defects occurred during operation.

Reasons for the warranty repair termination:
  • non-observance of operations manual and data card instructions;
  • mechanical damage;
  • foreign objects, water, etc. inside the product;
  • damages induced by rodents;
  • repair of the instrument by unauthorized persons, its disassembly and other interferences not provided by the operations manual;
  • misuse of the instrument;
  • force-majeure (fire, accidents, natural disasters, etc.);
  • equipment failure due to improper connection, broken electric network and/or equipment undermaintenance.
equipment failure due to improper connection, broken electric network and/or equipment undermaintenance.
  • Instrument and its passport;
  • Transducers DP12 and/or DP21 or DP22 (if they were included in the complete set) and their passports;
  • Rod (ruler) to the transducer DP12 (if the transducer was included into the complete set);
  • Cables (if it is necessary to eliminate the defect);
  • Fault detection report.

To send the instrument for repair:

  1. Download the application form (see below);
  2. Fill in the application form using the official letterhead;
  3. Send the form to;
  4. Pack the instrument as follows: the instrument should be packed in boxes, containers, etc., reliably protected against damage; packaging must ensure the safety of the cargo during its loading, transportation and unloading; it is necessary to exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to the contents of the shipment. These rules allow you to deliver the instrument to the recipient in their original form;
  5. Send the instrument to the SKB EP Service Center: off.226, 130 Lermontov Str., Irkutsk, Russia, 664033.
DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM /local/templates/innova_skb_enPHP code/sprites/sprite.svg#icon-arrow-btn">

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