Testing of devices is carried out by specialists in the laboratories of SKB EP, which are registered and accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service Rosaccreditation under № RA.RU.312297 (accreditation scope ).

Testing of instruments of the PKV group (PKV / M6N, PKV / M7, PKV / U3.1 and PKV / U3.0) and instruments of the PKR group (PKR-1, PKR-2 and PKR-2M) is carried out only in Irkutsk in calibration laboratories "SKB EP". Only those instruments that are entered in the State Register of the Russian Federation are subject to verification (certificates).

Testing interval:
  • For instruments: PKV/M7, MIKO-1, MIKO-2.3- 1 year;
  • For instrument MIKO-10 - 2 years;
  • For instruments: PKV/U3.1, PKV/U3.0, MIKO-21, MIKO-7M, MIKO-8M, MIKO-9, PKR-2 and PKR-2M - 3 years.

MIKO-2.3 is accepted for maintenance in full set. All other instruments are sent in the following configuration:
  • Instrument and specification;
  • Sensors DP12 and/or DP21 or DP22 (if included). It is necessary to send passports with sensors. In the absence of a document, a copy will be created forcibly and at an additional cost;
  • The rod (line) to the DP12 sensor (if the sensor was included);
  • Fault detection report.

To send the device for testing you shuld:

  1. Download the application for the provision of services (presented below);
  2. Fill out an application on the official letterhead of the company sending the instrument;
  3. Send request by e-mail service@skbpribor.ru;
  4. Pack the goods and the original application according to the following requirements: the goods should be packed in containers or other packaging which can reliably protect it from damage; packaging should ensure the safety of the cargo during its loading, transportation and unloading; in addition, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of unauthorized persons accessing the contents of the shipment. These rules allow you to deliver the goods to the recipient in their original form.
  5. Send the packaged goods to the service center "SKB EP" at the address: 664033, Irkutsk, st. Lermontova, 130, of. 226
download application

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