Choosing a micro-ohmmeter: presentation in Thailand

SKB EP devices are successfully used in power systems, industrial enterprises, railways, and other areas. Undoubtedly, this is the merit of the manufacturer, and, of course, the large network of official partners all around the world!


One of the most active foreign partners is a dealer from Thailand. Every month he demonstrates devices for new companies, during which the quality and functionality of SKB EP can be fully appreciated.

Micro-ohmmeters MIKO-10 and MIKO-21 demonstration was recently held for specialists from a company engaged in the production and maintenance of electrical cabinets. In addition, the specialists' duties include annual inspection and quality control of cabinets, do some maintenance jobs for yearly inspection onsite, for which they needed a new micro-ohmmeter.

Initially, the potential client planned to purchase the micro-ohmmeter MIKO-10, as it is ideal for express measurements of contact resistance due to its portability, measurement range of 1 μΩ ÷ 0.1 Ω, and also meets the customer's requirements for measuring current – 10 A.

However, after the demonstration and comparison of MIKO-10 and MIKO-21 (a more advanced and functional micro-ohmmeter from SKB EP), they preferred MIKO-21 because:

  • there is a possibility of current adjustment in 1 A steps with a maximum value of 200 A;
  • low measurement error ±0.05%, which makes the MIKO-21 the most accurate device in the SKB EP micro-ohmmeter line, as well as one of the most accurate devices in the world;
  • measurement range from 0.1 μΩ to 2 Ω;
  • wider functionality for device setup and management.

Demonstration helped to show the advantages of each device and choose the most suitable one for the tasks set!

If you want to test instruments in practice, get acquainted with SKB EP brand – contact by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail:

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