Report upon operation of MIKO-8 MegionEnergoNeft, LLC

In May, 2018 MegionEnergoNeft, LLC took milliohmmeter MIKO-8 [MIKO-8M] for a trial operation. The instrument was used for measuring winding resistance of oil and oil-immersed transformers 0.4-110 kV of different types and brands at the electrical equipment repair facility during the transformer repairs and at transformer substations for routine test of the equipment under MegionEnergoNeft, LLC maintenance. 

The following advantages of the instrument have been pointed out: small size, portable case convenient for transportation and operation, user friendly menu, built-in archive helping to speed up the measurement, simplify data processing, and perform automatic recalculation of the data received. The measurements were carried out in a short time which significantly shortened testing period compared to the alternative instruments of competitive brands.

Possibility to run measurements of power transformers winding resistance without switching the tested objects off shortens the testing time. The information is reflected in a big contrast display which allows reading the results without any difficulty. 

No defects or disadvantages have been found out during the trial operation. The instrument worked without any complaints.

We would suggest providing additional portable battery with built-in charger and a plug for field operations [Manufacturer's comment: Production of the device MIKO-8 is discontinued. A new version of MIKO-8M with be delivered to the warehouse in the III quarter of 2018. Orders are accepted. Comparison of the first version of the device and its modification is at Reference].

According to the results of the testing operation we conclude that the instrument meets the declared characteristics and exceeds world known brands in the majority of technical characteristics.

First deputy of the general Director,
Chief Engineer
A.N. Marchenko

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