New transducer testing on high-voltage circuit breaker VVU- SEShch-P35

SKB EP, LLC doesn’t stand still and constantly improves the existing equipment. An improved version of the DP12 linear movement transducer is currently under development, and it has already passed the first tests.

Testings were carried out on the VVU-SEShch-P-35 vacuum circuit breaker with the help of PKV/M7 that is designed to diagnose oil, vacuum and SF6 high-voltage circuit breakers up to 4 breaks.

In order to register speed and travel parameters, PKV/M7 is equipped with high-precision linear and angular movement incremental transducers DP12 and DP21. The new transducer has even higher accuracy, as well as it has increased discreteness that takes the diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakers to the new level of accuracy.

In the process of the new transducer tests, the main characteristics of the high-voltage circuit breaker VVU-SEShch-P-35 were successfully registered.

As a result of the measurements, the new transducer gave a good account of itself. The data is recorded steadily, measured values meet the standards specified in the passport of the high-voltage circuit breaker.

Besides the new transducer, there were successfully tested several new models of attachment devices for existing transducers installation. Currently these products are on the final step of development in the design engineering department.

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