MIKO-9A testing at the power transformer TDTN-25000/110

Recently SKB EP specialists went for testing at power transformer TDTN-25000/110 with MIKO-9A.

MIKO-9A milli-ometer is developed to measure DC resistance in the range from 1 µΩ to 30 kΩ with test current up to 10 А. There are also implemented additional control modes: non-demountable diagnostics of OLTCs (DRM test), demagnetization and heat run tests.

In order to work on a power transformer of TDTN-25000/110 type for example, it is necessary to climb onto it or to call an elevated platform, which is very expensive for routine tests. To save the client’s budget, SKB EP has implemented special equipment - a manipulating rod that was also used in our tests for attaching the instrument's measuring cables to the transformer inputs from the ground.

Manipulating rod is available in three sizes: 2.2 m, 3.7 m, 5.1 m. It can be used with all types of SKB EP instruments and with other manufacturers instruments.

The main feature of the testing was that it was carried out in rather severe weather conditions. That day, the temperature dropped to -15°C that is quite low for Saint Petersburg. Then a severe blizzard started, so the specialists had to clear snow from the instruments in order to see and record information from the display.

However, the instruments worked properly throughout the entire time of the testing. The tests were successful, and MIKO-9A once again confirmed its low operating range from -20°C.

In addition, in addition, there is an opportunity to organize trainings and testing individually for your company, where our specialists will explain you how to use SKB EP instruments on your equipment. You can leave your request HERE.

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