Working with MIKO-2.3 at AREVA HGF1012 circuit breaker

Recently, SKB EP engineers carried out some testings on AREVA (ALSTOM) HGF1012 high-voltage SF6 circuit breaker using MIKO-2.3 multipurpose low/high resistance meter.

One of the main methods of monitoring the technical condition of the elements of high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors, separators, short-circuits and current leads is to check their electrical resistance using specific instruments, such as micro-ohmmeters.

For micro-ohmmeters, the main requirements are to provide a sufficiently large and stable test current through contact resistance. And the most accurate measurements will be obtained when the micro-ohmmeter test current approaches the operating current of the contacts.

In addition, an important feature of AREVA (ALSTOM) HGF1012 circuit breaker is the presence of built-in current transformers that imposes another important requirement on the micro-ohmmeter. Not every resistance meter is suitable for measuring the contact resistance in a circuit breaker that has a current transformer. After all, the test current of the micro-ohmmeter must flow through the circuit stably and sufficient time and the micro-ohmmeter itself must operate steadily in conditions of power electromagnetic fields.

All SKB EP micro-ohmmeters take into account the presence of the current transformers in the measuring circuit and have different characteristics to fulfill client requirements. For this test MIKO-2.3 multipurpose low / high resistance meter was chosen. It has already been long operated by the engineer who works at the facility where this SF6 circuit breaker is located.

A feature of MIKO-2.3 is that it is not just a micro-ohmmeter, but a full portable mini-laboratory allowing to perform all tasks connected with resistance measurement in electrical equipment as this instrument operates in four modes: micro-ohmmeter, milli-ohmmeter, kilo-ohmmeter and thermometer.

Lightweight and autonomous power supply make it possible to use MIKO-2.3 multipurpose low/high resistance meter not only from the ground, but also from the tank cover of a circuit breaker or a transformer, or from the elevated platform. Moreover, MIKO-2.3 cables are sufficient length and small weight, thus you need to go up and down to the equipment only once, and not twice when measuring the resistance from the ground.

If you got interested in this instrument or you have questions about other devices manufactured by SKB EP, please contact our managers HERE.

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