Working with PKV/U3 at VGT-110 circuit breaker

SKB EP specialists carry out instrument testings on a regular basis, in order to check its functionality at different facilities. During these testings it is also possible to create new video reviews on instruments operation. In order to shoot some videos for demonstrating PKV/U3 functionality in operation, the testings at VGT-110 high-voltage circuit breaker were carried out on the territory of the INRTU testing ground.

The review video is already available and you can watch it via the link.

PKV/U3 is designed for all types of high-voltage circuit breakers monitoring and enables control of time, travel and speed by three phases simultaneously. One of the special PKV/U3 features is that it is represented in two modifications: PKV/U3.0 and PKV/U3.1, which differ in some parameters – you may learn more about them on the Instruments pages.

In the beginning of work at VGT-110 circuit breaker, it was necessary to connect PKV/U3 pole cables to the object inputs. It was impossible to do from the ground, because the height of VGT-110 is more than 5 meters. What is more, there was no possibility to order an elevated work platform for this work, as well as it would be quite expensive, so SKB EP specialist used manipulating rod, that is designed for connecting the test cable clamps to the bushings of HV equipment to a height of 5 meters from the ground or a tank cover. Manipulating rod helped to save time and money during this work.

Further, it was necessary to connect a transducer. Usually, an angular transducer is used on SF6 circuit breakers, but for circuit breakers of VGT-110 type a linear transducer DP12 with a measuring stick and attachment device has to be used.

As the diagnostic result the graphic data was received. The circuit breaker is new, that is why all the technical processes are normal.

Overlapped graphs

If you still have any questions on the instrument operation, or you need an advice on choosing an instrument for your facilities, don’t hesitate to contact SKB EP specialists via +7 (812) 500-25-48 or via e-mail

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