Work with PKV/M15 on vacuum circuit breaker of BB/TEL type

Recently, we announced the new development of SKB EP company – a portable device for high-voltage circuit breaker diagnostic PKV/M15. Now it is the most compact device of the PKV group.

There are several features that differ PKV/M15 from the previous models. One of them is implementation of additional triggering types for high-voltage circuit breaker monitoring, that take into account different circumstances during diagnostic:

  • Triggering by closing the main contacts is universal, and it facilitates your work and does not require additional settings (measurement time, signal duration, cycle type, triggering front).
  • Triggering by «dry contact» (AUX) is one of highly-demanded modes among the service personnel of TAVRIDA ELECTRIC circuit breakers, where Closing and Opening time is normalized by dry contact closing.

In order to demonstrate the possibility of PKV/M15 operation on TAVRIDA ELECTRIC vacuum circuit breakers, tests were carried out on a circuit breaker of BB/TEL-10-20 type with TRM_CM_16_1 control unit.

This type of HV circuit breaker has an electromagnetic drive with a magnetic latch and requires a special control unit for its operation. The problem of monitoring such an object is in the necessity of "dry contact" triggering use in order to control its parameters, since the time parameters are normalized from that moment.

PKV/M15 considers this feature and provides success of this kind of testing.

If you have any questions about PKV/M15 circuit breaker analyzer or if you would like to get more information, please call us via +7 (812) 500-25-48 or email

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