Everything you need to know about OLTC diagnostics

The OLTC device is one of the most vulnerable mechanism in a power transformer and requires special attention. In practice, however, the OLTC is not subjected to unscheduled or routine diagnostics because energy workers are afraid of encountering difficulties and consider the OLTC inspection to be complicated and labor-intensive.

In the new article from SKB EP experts, we share useful information and dispel myths about the complexity of OLTC diagnostics.
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In this article we explain in simple words:

  • About the principles of operation of the OLTC devices;
  • About the necessity of unscheduled check;
  • Typical faults and their causes;
  • Methods of diagnostics of OLTCs;
  • Peculiarities of working with OLTCs with PKR-2M and PKR-2 instruments.

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In the article you will find useful tips on working with the PKR-2 and PKR-2M devices and learn how they help to save time and money and extend the service life of OLTCs.

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