Personal meetings with new partners

SKB EP is an innovative full-cycle manufacturing enterprise that sells equipment both independently and with the help of reliable partners. For example, the SKB EP dealer network already includes about 50 partner companies around the world in 2024!

When a potential partner from another country is interested in the product range and terms of cooperation, and he would like to get to know the SKB EP brand better, there are two possible formats for the “first meeting”:

  • If representatives are on the other side of the world, an online presentation is the choice. For example, this spring negotiations were held with companies from Brazil, the Philippines, the UAE, Turkey, etc. This is a convenient format that saves time and resources, and most importantly, allows you to get acquainted with the brand in a couple of hours.
  • If potential partners have the opportunity to come and meet in person, then it would be an in-person presentation and demonstration of the devices.

Recently, new potential partners from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan visited the office in St. Petersburg. The guests said that they sell transformers and other high-voltage equipment, and, of course, have a need for diagnostic equipment.

SKB EP specialists presented a line of milli-ohmmeters, which were especially interesting to the guests, and also conducted a practical demonstration on a SF6 circuit breaker. Guests from Turkmenistan were interested in the functionality and equipment of the instruments, as well as the interface logic, which could be understandable to a foreign consumer.

Of course, the online presentation provides undeniable advantages, but only a personal meeting gives new clients and partners an understanding of the brand’s strategy, its areas of work and position in the market.

If you want to test instruments in practice, get acquainted with SKB EP brand – contact by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail:

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