Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
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    SPO Arctic, JSC

    Currently, SPO Arctic, JSC uses three types of measuring instruments manufactured by SKB EP, LLC: low/high resistance meter MIKO-2.3, micro-ohmmeters MIKO-1, milli-ohmmeter MIKO-8 (six pieces in total). For more than 10 years, these measuring instruments have been operated at a manufacturing facility without complaints.

    With the help of MIKO-2.3 and MIKO-8, the ohmic resistance of windings of DC and AC electric machines with a capacity of up to 500 kW is measured, as well as the ohmic resistance of rheostat stages. The measuring instruments are quite convenient and functional in operation. The presence of a built-in battery (MIKO-2.3) allows you to take measurements distantly. Light weight simplifies transportation (carrying).

    I.L. Grigoriev
    Chief metrologist

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    Shahtinskteploenergo LLP

    MIKO-10 instrument is used to measure contact resistance of the main circuit of VMP1-10, MKP-110, MKP-35 high-voltage circuit breakers, as well as disconnectors in order to identify defects and reduce the probability of switching devices failures caused by the contact resistance increase of contacts. The instrument functionality is very simple and easy to operate, it allows you to control the main characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers.

    The advantage of the instrument is also its mobility. The instrument copes with the tasks perfectly. We can recommend the instrument to all enterprises that operate, repair and conduct diagnostic of high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers.

    S.V. Krivov
    Deputy Director

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    Sibir-Polymetals, JSC

    The instrument is small and easy to use. We consider instrument best functions to be the ability to measure circuit breaker parameters in one cycle and the ability to view the measured data on the instrument screen. With the help of PKV/M7 instrument, we were able to detect the jam in the switching core of VGT-110 circuit breaker electromagnet on 110/6 Poteryaуvskaya electrical substation. With the help of the instrument, it was possible to detect the malfunction quickly.

    Based on the experience of PKV/M7 operation, we can recommend other organizations to use it.

    A.A. Kolesnikov
    Best wishes, Chief Engineer

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    Tatarstan Electrical Grids

    In Tatar grids, the branch of RES, JSC, PKV/ M7 instrument manufactured by SKB EP, has been operated since February 2021.

    This instrument is widely used for non-demountable control of speed and travel parameters, time characteristics of oil-blast circuit breakers (VMT-110, S-35, VM-35, VT-35, VMG-10, VMP-10, VMG-133, VK-10, VKE-10) and vacuum circuit breakers (VVTE-10, BB/TEL-10).

    PKV/M7 has showed itself to advantage, when demonstrating reliability, stability, ease of operation. It has high measurement precision and small dimensions.

    PKV/M7 instrument allows you to measure a number of important circuit breakers parameters in one cycle (penetration, time difference, speed, time, etc.), which significantly reduces the time for assessing circuit breakers condition and repairing equipment.

    We recommend PKV/M7 to organizations engaged in maintenance, diagnostic and repair of high-voltage circuit breakers.

    D.V. Zhurkin
    Head of power stations Department

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    Tyumen Vodokanal, LLC

    Currently, in the electrotechnical laboratory of Tyumen Vodokanal, LLC PKV/M7 instrument is in operation. This equipment is used to analyze the condition of 6-10 kV oil-blast, vacuum circuit breakers. The instrument is convenient for us to use (5 stars out of 5). The following malfunctions were detected with the help of the instrument:
    - non-simultaneous closing of pole contacts;
    - the closing speed of switching devices was less than allowable according to the normative technical documentation.

    PKV/M7 instrument is recommended for use by other organizations.

    Chief Engineer

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