Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
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    Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOS), JSC

    Nowadays, KEGOC, JSC uses 28 instruments produced by SKB EP, LLC to check electrical equipment parameters and find defects (PKV - 15 pcs., MIKO - 10 pcs., PKR - 2 pcs., PUV- 1 pcs.).

    PKV/M7 instruments are actively used to measure speed and time parameters of high-voltage circuit breakers of all types and voltage classes. PKV/M7 software makes it possible to create and maintain an archive of measurements, including the ability to enter factory test data, consequently, that allows you to conduct a primary analysis of the equipment diagnostic results directly at the workplace. 

    MIKO instruments have been used for ten years. Besides simplicity in operation and small dimensions, they have proven themselves to be precise and reliable tools in measuring contact resistance to electric current. During operation, it is used on almost all equipment with a voltage above 10 kV. The instrument is convenient to operate, easy to handle and has an autonomous power supply.

    PKR-2M instruments have been used since 2019. The use of this instrument allows you to significantly reduce the time spent on the repair of the autotransformer and spent resources, because the switch is analyzed without opening, draining the oil and disassembly of the contactor. The presented information is very convenient as well as the storage of measurement results in graphical or tabular form in the instrument memory.

    Based on operational experience, KEGOC, JSC recommends instruments manufactured by SKB EP, LLC to organizations working in the electrical equipment maintenance and adjustment.

    B. Arystanov
    Director of Operations Department

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    Sibir-Polymetals, JSC

    I inform you that MIKO-2.3 instrument (serial number 160) has been used by Sibir-Polymetals, JSC. It has been used since December 2015 to measure contact resistances of VGT-110 and VEB-110 circuit breakers contacts, to measure windings resistance of transformers and motors on DC. The instrument is small, has a low weight, that is very convenient during operation. We consider the instrument best functions to be the ability to measure contact resistances of circuit breakers contacts with a high current and a short battery charge time. Based on the experience of MIKO-2.3 operation, we can recommend other organizations to use it.

    A.A. Kolesnikov
    Best wishes, Chief Engineer

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    Volgogradenergo, Rosseti South

    MIKO-10 is quite easy to use. It has a convenient menu and a built-in autonomous power supply unit.

    Good specifications, digital display of the instrument allow measurements to be carried out with high precision.

    The main advantages of PKV/M7 are: high build quality; high functionality for circuit breakers characteristics control; detection of defects without disassembly of circuit breakers; built-in control unit for electromagnets of a circuit breaker drive; convenient control panel and display; functionality to control many parameters in one test cycle.

    Acting First Deputy Director

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    Saint-Petersburg Metro

    During the operation since November 2020, no malfunctions have been detected. As a whole, the instrument has shown high reliability in the harsh working conditions of the Metro and is characterized by high quality, modern technical solutions and functionality.

    The main advantages of the instrument include: high precision of measurements, a large range of measured current values, high autonomy, a big bright informative screen, a shockproof housing, a useful carrying handle and a convenient calibration period.

    Deputy Head

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    Balistroyservice, LLC

    Today MIKO-7M instrument is operated in the electrotechnical laboratory of Baltstroyservice, LLC.

    The instrument is used during periodic and acceptance tests of power station electrical equipment, such as power transformers, high-voltage switches, short-circuit swithces.

    MIKO-7M is convenient and easy in operation, has a simple user-friendly interface. The applycation of this instrument has made it possible to reduce the time for measurements.

    I have been operating the instrument for two years and can confidently recommend it for use.

    Head of ETL

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