Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
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    With the help of this instrument we carried out measurements and diagnostic of vacuum circuit breakers (BB/TEL-10, SION ZAE5, EasyPact EXE, SIMENS ZANZ): SF6 type (VEB-UETM-110).

    PKV/M7 instrument established itself from the best side. It is simple and convenient in operation, and has a high measurement accuracy at the same time. Its use allows you to significantly save time for electrical equipment diagnostic and improve the quality of repair and diagnostic.

    The advantages of PKV/M7 are: reliability; simplicity and ease of use; small weight and dimensions of instruments; PKV/M7 design in a shatterproof housing, that is very important for constant transportation and operation in the field.

    Agaev P.M.

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    Branch of Nadymelektrogaz, Gazprom Elektrogaz, JSC

    The branch of "Nadymelektrogaz" informs you that the instrument milli-ohmmeter MIKO-7M is used at the work site from February 2019.

    This instrument is used to measure the DC resistance of the windings of high-voltage transformers of the TSL, TM, TMG series with a capacity of up to 1600 kVA, as well as additionally to determine the ohmic resistances of the windings of low-voltage electric motors with a capacity of up to 70 KW.

    During the two-year period of milli-ohmmeter use at the Bovanenkovskoye oil and gas condensate field, 4 faulty TSL-6Z/10 transformers were identified, a decision was made on the impossibility of further operation for more than 15 electric motors, up to 80 man-hours were saved.

    Recommendations concerning the operational characteristics of the milli-ohmmeter MIKO-7M are, the possibility of:

    1. Increasing the temperature range of operation of the instrument. The lower temperature limit - from -400С.

    [Manufacturer note]: The instrument MIKO-7M has been certified at operating temperatures from -20 to +55 0С. An increase in the temperature range of operation of the instrument in this version is impossible due to the built-in li-ion battery for the MIKO-7MA modification, as well as measuring shunts that allow measurements to be carried out with minimal error.

    2. Additional test cables with self-locking probes.

    [Manufacturer note]: The configuration of MIKO-7M milli-ohmmeter is quite diverse and is on open access on our official website, if you cannot find the right type of accessory from the presented assortment, we are ready to implement an individual test cable according to your parameters and requirements on order.

    A.M. Girsh
    Branch Director

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    Service company, LLC

    I send you review on the operation of the instrument milli-ohmmeter «MIKO-7MA», this feedback is compiled on the basis of the annual operation of this instrument in various weather conditions and at various measurement objects.

    Milli-ohmmeter «MIKO-7MA» is usually used to measure the transformers parameters, namely to measure DC resistance of windings, as well as for measuring the contact resistance of commutation devices during start-up and commissioning and operation.

    During the operation, there were no significant remarks to the instrument except for a very long charging, but this comment is not essential as it was most likely due to the low temperature of the battery after transportation. I believe this instrument is better than the competitor, as measurements are faster, battery charge lasts for a long time, and the instrument works more «Stable».

    [Manufacturer note]: According to the operation requirements, which are reflected in the documentation supplied with the instrument: "The process of charging the battery of the instrument MIKO-7M(A), after long-term storage can be long - up to 48 hours ..."

    From the improvements I would like to have longer cables, as well as the connectors that are installed on them from the connection of the «Crocodile» clamps would have a more rigid fixation to these clamps.

    [Manufacturer note]: SKB EP company manufactures a wide range of test cables of different lengths, types of fixation and construction, which can be found on the website in the section of a specific instrument complete set. In addition, we can always develop a test cable on an order according to the Client's parameters.

    Lukyanchik V.N.
    Head of the electrical measurement laboratory of LLC «SC»

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    Branch of IDGC of Center, PJSC - Kurskenergo

    In the Western Section of the Diagnostic Service of Rosseti Kurskenergo, PJSC, 2 measuring instruments of SKB EP, LLC are used: PKR-2M instrument for control of OLTC devices of transformers and milli-ohmmeter MIKO-8M. The PKR-2M instrument has been used since 2018, the MIKO-8M instrument has been used since 2019.

    These instruments are used for diagnostic of power and measuring transformers with a voltage of 110, 35, 10 kV (MIKO-8M), OLTC devices of power transformers 110, 35 kV (PKR-2M).

    In practice, both instruments have proven themselves from the best side: they have a compact, durable body, an intuitive and user-friendly interface. There is an opportunity to select the necessary circuits and groups of connection of windings, create and maintain an archive, including the possibility of entering factory tests, this allows to conduct a primary analysis of diagnostic results directly at the workplace, they have high-quality execution of wires, clamps and there is opportunity to adjust the complete set. In comparison with the previously used instrument assortment, all these significantly reduce time and labor expenditures during equipment diagnostic. Also, we would like to note the availability of software for analyzing and storing diagnostic results on a PC and the opportunity to get the necessary information and (or) advice directly from the instrument developers.

    Shirlin I.V.
    Head of the Western Section of the Diagnostic Service

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    Kumerautskaya CHP, LLC

    We inform you that the instrument PKV/M7 (prod. N2 53, 2012), milli-ohmmeter MIKO-8M (prod. N2 035J, 2018) manufactured by SKB EP, LLC (Specialized Design Bureau of Electrotechnical Instrumentation, LLC) are in operation at Kumerautskaya CHP, LLC.

    With the PKV/M7 instrument, diagnostic and checking of electrical characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers are carried out at the station, and the MIKO-8M milli-ohmmeter is used to measure DC resistances of windings and coils of electrical equipment, contact resistances of high-voltage circuit breakers and electrical equipment.

    Owing to the fact that the instruments are realized on the basis of microprocessor technologies, it has become much more convenient and efficient to carry out measurements, the accuracy of measurement results and safety have increased, and archiving has become possible.

    E.A. Shevchenko
    Deputy Chief Engineer - Head of the Technical Department of Kumertautskaya CHP, LLC

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