Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7
Modern microohmmeter MIKO-21
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N
Circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M6N and microohmmeter MIKO-1
OLTC analyzer PKR-2
Micromillikilloohmmeter MIKO-2.3
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    The Vologda Branch of Interregional Distribution Grid Company of North-West, PJSC

    We thank SKB EP, LLC for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation lasted for more than 10 years. SKB EP, LLC has established itself as a reliable partner and manufacturer of instruments and complete sets during the time of cooperation.

    I would like to inform you that the production department of the Vologda Electric Networks uses such instruments manufactured by SKB EP, LLC as PKV/M7, MIKO-1 and manipulating rod. 

    These instruments are used for diagnostic of the high-voltage circuit breakers both produced in our country (VMT-110, MKP-110, VT-35, S-35) and abroad (LTB-145), and for measuring contact resistance of various switching devices. During the time of use, these instruments have proven themselves from the best side. Use of the PKV/M7 allowed realising non-demountable detection of the circuit breakers internal defects.

    The instrument is very simple and easy to operate, it allows to control the main characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers. During repair, the main malfunction that were detected by the instrument was time difference between the contacts closing. When analyzing the speed characteristics, speed dips were detected, that indicated the presence of jamming, mashing in the mechanism and necessity of repairing.

    Before this instrument was gotten, all the characteristics of the circuit breakers had to be checked with mandatory disassembly, that increased the repair time. Use of the PKV/M7 instrument with a manipulating rod can significantly reduce time for checking of the characteristics of both column and tank circuit breakers of 110 kV, and also eliminates the need for scaffolding or the use of lifting mechanism to conduct these works.

      Y.P. Tsiberny
    Chief Engineer

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    Elektroshield-Ufa, LLC

    Our company is engaged in installation, start-up and commissioning, as well as repair work of electrical equipment.

    In the course of the work, it became necessary to purchase the PKR-2 instrument, which in turn significantly simplified (made easier) reparation of the drives of the OLTC regulators of power transformers.

    The instrument has a sufficiently informative screen, easy connection, it provides accurate measurements, and it is reliable and compact.

    Also, the service functions that your company provides for the manufactured equipment are important.

    Our company also used other instruments that your company produced. We can confidently recommend them for purchase by other companies.

    V.V. Ivanov
    Head of the electrical measurement laboratory of Electroshield-Ufa LLC

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    Nizhnovenergo branch, IDGC of Centre and Volga Region, PJSC

    Nowadays MIKO-1 and two PKV / M7 instruments are operated in the laboratory of high-voltage tests, measurements and diagnostic in Arzamas high-voltage RES of the Nizhnovznergo branch of IDGC of Centre an Volga Region.

    A full package of documents included in the instruments complete set made it possible to register them in our organization without any problems.

    During almost daily MIKO-1 and PKV/M7 operation since December 2013, no serious shortcomings and low-quality components have been identified.

    Chief engineer

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    Solikamskaya CHP

    With the help of MIKO - 1 micro-ohmmeter staff measures direct current of contact joints. The main advantages of this instrument are: compactness and low weight, ease of use and user-friendly interface, autonomy and mobility, which is very convenient when working away from power supply. There were no failures in operation.

    A high-voltage circuit breaker analyzer PKV/M7 is used for monitoring the condition and take readings of 6, 35, 110 kV high-voltage circuit breakers. The main advantages of this instrument are: ease of operation and convenience, reliability, high measurement accuracy, small dimensions. The instruments are equipped with a set of high-quality measuring cables and clamps.

    We wish SKB EP, LLC employees successfully develop and implementate modern control and diagnostic devices for electrical equipment.

    Lapygin V.P.
    Chief Engineer

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    CNGS Engineering, LLC

    Since February 2020 during MiKO-7M(A) operation there has not revealed any shortcomings and failures.

    When measuring direct current resistance of windings:

    • in power and measuring transformers,
    • in electric motors,
    the instrument showed stability, ease of use and accuracy of results.

    CNGS Engineering, LLC thanks SKB EP, LLC for the high-quality instrument and the interest shown in the operating experience and also hopes for production of new developments for power equipment diagnostic.

    Alekseev S.S.
    Director General

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