The influence of inductance on the electrical resistance measurements results

The circuit inductance consists of the inductance of the built-in current transformer and of the circuit breaker poles, and the inductance of the connecting cable. Microohmmeters for high currents are often designed without current stabilizers due to technical difficulties associated with their implementation.

Standard methods of testing of microohmmeters do not provide for determining the additional error caused by inductance in the circuit. It follows that even if the instrument is listed in the State Register of Measuring Equipment, it still may have an additional error caused by the circuit inductance. Only measuring current stabilization in the instrument allows you to minimize this error component. When measuring DC resistances of transformer windings, the requirements for current stability increase many times, since even small current fluctuations in circuits with high inductance lead to significant errors.

In MIKO-1 and MIKO-2.3 microohmmeters, operating currents are stabilized with very high stabilization factors.

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