MIKO-21 high-precision microohmmeter. A Russian development with European quality

On October 2, 2018, the MIKO-21 high-precision microohmmeter manufactured by SKB EP LLC passed a long-term certification without a single remark and received a Certificate of Compliance with the main safety requirements of the EU directives 2014/35/EU on low-voltage equipment and 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility. This once again confirms the high quality of the Russian development, but at the European level. From now on, every MIKO-21 will be marked with the CE sign (Conformité Européenne — European Conformity).

The development of export potential is a strategically important area for the company, because it allows it to be one of the leaders among manufacturers in the CIS countries. But we do not rest on our laurels, and since October 2018, we have set our sights on increasing the share of exports to Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. With such advanced specifications and functions, and distinctive quality marks, the MIKO-21 high-precision microohmmeter will be able to win new markets.

The microohmmeter has been produced since 2015 and has proven itself among our customers not only in Russia, but also in the CIS and far-abroad countries. The instrument has been on the market for 3 years and has been purchased by such companies as Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC, Gagarin Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant, branch of Sukhoi Company PJSC, Elmash LLC (UETM), ROSSETI PJSC, Irkutskenergo JSC, Irkutsk HPP, Electrocentrmontazh OJSC (Republic of Belarus), Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC (Kazakhstan), CASAD LLC (Kyrgyz Republic), Moldova Steel Works JSC (Republica Moldova), TEREM-LETEC Ltd (Republic of Bulgaria) and many others. All users noted the general functional and technical features that allow MIKO-21 to outperform similar instruments presented on the Russian and foreign markets.

The MIKO-21 microohmmeter is designed to measure the contact resistances of electrical equipment circuits in the range of 0.1 μΩ ÷ 2 Ω at a working current of up to 200A with the lowest error of ±0.05% among similar Russian and foreign developments.

Special algorithms (modes) for measuring the contact resistances of high-voltage circuit breakers with built-in CT. Only SKB EP microohmmeters can measure the Rc resistance of column and tank circuit breakers using separate automated modes optimized for these breakers. The measurement of contact resistances when selecting a special mode guarantees a reduction in time and an increase in measurement accuracy.

Time saving on measurement without additional device settings by selecting the pre-configured template in MIKO-21. Customize the measurement process by creating measurement templates with the required parameters and store them in the device memory.

Autonomy (power from the built-in battery) allows to perform much more measurements from fully charged to fully discharged state (continuous operation is at least 8 hours, and the charge time does not exceed 1 hour).

Automatic signalling when the measurement result goes beyond the acceptable rangeThe instrument's archive contains ratings for high-voltage circuits breakers indicating the maximum and/or minimum permissible value of the contact resistance. You can add/remove/edit the rated values of the measured object. As soon as the measured value exceeds the specified rated value, the measurement results will be displayed in red color.

Communication with a PC not only via USB, but also via a flash drive simplifies the transfer of data from the instrument to the company's database. In addition, the device can be integrated into computer-controlled measurement systems in diagnostic laboratories and manufacturers of electrical equipment, which complies with the requirements of "Digital Energy Industry".

A wide range of test cables: each user can complete their device with the necessary type of cable depending on the place of measurements and the voltage class of the inspected object (up to 750 kV).

Like most instruments of SKB EP, the MIKO-21 microohmmeter is:

  • listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus;
  • listed in the register of military measuring equipment of the Federal Data Collection for Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements in the Field of State Defense and Security under the registration number 63180-16;
  • listed in the Register of innovative products, technologies, and services recommended for use in the territory of the Russian Federation under the number 272;
  • listed in the Register of innovative solutions recommended for use at the facilities of subsidiaries and affiliates of Rosseti PJSC under the unique number 06-064-0053/59;
  • approved for use in accordance with its functional purpose in the construction, reconstruction, renovation, and repair of power supply facilities of Russian Railways OJSC;
  • compliant with the criteria for classifying products as innovative and high-tech, according to the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation dated 12/25/2015 No. 1026, and also compliant with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union;
  • compliant with the international standard IEC 60694 "General specifications for high-voltage switchgear" (International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)), which regulates the measuring current for microohmmeters, thus eliminating erroneous diagnostic results;
  • meets the basic safety requirements of the European directives 2014/35/EU on low-voltage equipment and 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility.

SKB EP LLC has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative, high-quality, and safe equipment for control and diagnostics of high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers for more than 26 years.  Having every reason, SKB EP instruments successfully compete not only with Russian developments, but have long been superior in most specifications to well-known global brands such as SONEL (Poland), Megger (Great Britain), Metrel (Slovenia), Vanguard (USA), Omicron (Austria), Chauvin Arnoux (France), ISA (Italy) and many others. Separately, it is worth noting the competitiveness of SKB EP instruments in terms of value for money in the market of diagnostic equipment for high-voltage circuit breakers and transformers.

In contrast to foreign devices, developments of SKB EP have the best combination of equipment functionality, taking into account the needs of both local users and the entire market. SKB EP devices are tailored to work both in harsh Northern regions (the minimum operating temperature of SKB EP instruments is -25°C; the minimum operating temperature of foreign devices is -5°C – 0°C) and in humid Southern areas (the maximum operating temperature of SKB EP instruments is +55°C). Despite a fairly wide range of operating temperatures, the devices are guaranteed to perform measurements with minimal errors both in laboratories and under high noise conditions, while the high-precision MIKO-21 has the lowest measurement error among microohmmeters in the world (±0.05%). 

MIKO-21 microohmmeter is a direct evidence of the high quality level of all devices manufactured by SKB EP LLC. This is based on various kinds and types of certification confirming the innovativeness and safety of products, a growing base of new customers, the trust of industry experts, as well as constant scientific developments. The company will not rest on its laurels, and is planning further certification of conformity with European Directives, as well as the expansion into new markets to achieve a leading position in its industry.

If you are interested in the instrument, and you want to learn more about the  MIKO-21  microohmmeter, please contact our managers by phone +7 (812) 500-25-48 or by e-mail skb@skbep.com. 

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