The PKR-2M testing at OJSC ZAVOD RETO Company

Early in December the SKB EP specialists together with specialists of  OJSC ZAVOD RETO (Electric equipment maintenance plant) conducted multi-disciplinary tests of new software of the PKR-2M instrument for the transformer LTC diagnosis. Tests were performed on the maintained transformer with LTC device of RS-9 type.

Intrusive diagnosis of LTC devices of RS-9 type using the PKR-2M

Note: In September SKB EP together with OJSC ZAVOD RETO Company performed multi-disciplinary tests of the MIKO-8 milliohmmeter on the maintained TDTN-40000/110-У1 transformer (manufactured in 1989) with LTC device of RS-9 type.  A new MIKO-8 attracted attention of specialists and was selected owing to its functional properties, namely, owing to a combination of two modes in one instrument: DC resistance measurement and diagnosis of LTC devices. After this test the ZAVOD RETO Company placed an order for the instrument test-drive.

Specialists of the RETO Laboratory have already had experience of using the SKB EP instruments since 2009. It was the PKR-1 instrument for transformer LTC testing (a forerunner of the PKR-2 and PKR-2М instruments that is no longer in manufacture) that proved to be rather useful.

Oscillography results and a circular diagram recorded by the PKR-2M in the mode of non-destructive testing of LTC devices of RS-9 type

The PKR-2М instrument was involved in the new testing program. This instrument is intended for destructive control of technical state of LTS devices of both resistor and reactor types, as well as for non-destructive testing (DRM-test method) that allows LTC diagnosis with current-limiting resistors without removing the contactor cover.

Non-destructive (DRM-test) of LTC devices of RS-2 type using the PKR-2M

The DRM method has been implemented in the specific-purpose ПКР-2М instrument for LTC testing and in the MIKO-8 milliohmmeter. Despite the fact that the method is integrated into both instruments, its application is different:

  • The PKR-2M is a specific-purpose instrument for LTC control that allows recording the oscillograms  of contactors operation and a circular diagram across three phases simultaneously;
  • The MIKO-8 is a milliohmmeter (a range of measurements is from 10 mkOhm to 10 kOhm), and non-destructive LTC control is its additional function. From the mathematical standpoint the DRM method in this instrument is less efficient (phase-by-phase oscillography, no circular diagram recording) than in the PKR-2M. This fact was noted by ZAVOD RETO specialists following the results of operating both instruments.

Comments: If you need a specific-purpose instrument for qualitative assessment of rector- and resistor-type LTC devices (oscillograms and circular diagrams recording across three phases at one time) then PKR-2M is your choice; if you need a high-precision milliohmmeter for electric resistance measurement of transformer windings with an additional mode for approximate assessment of LTC resistors state, then MIKO-8 should be your choice.

Since SKB EP continuously updates the existing instruments, develops new ones, and upgrades the software, we offer three educational programs for specialists training.

We appreciate help of ZAVOD RETO workers who took part in those tests.

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